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I like to address hard problems in broad cognitive science that involve the interplay of diverse mental mechanisms. I explain what I mean by “broad” cognitive science in my book, Cognitive Productivity. I have argued that cognition and affect are not neither separate, nor merely intertwined, but blended.

I’m a productivity geek.

Current doings


I am a bilingual Canadian (French/English).


2010-present: Adjunct Professor of Education (Faculty of Education), Simon Fraser University

2010-present: President of CogZest.

2002–2009: A Research Associate of Phil Winne’s. I led the software development teams of gStudy (the Learning Kit Project) and nStudy. These applications are designed to research and support self-regulated learning.

1995–2001: I was also an at-founding employee of two of Canada’s most successful high tech startups, as measured by their exit valuation: Tundra Semiconductor Corporation and Abatis Systems Corp.

1994–1995: I was a lecturer and then Ast. Prof. of Military Psychology and Leadership at the Royal Military College of Canada.


You can read more about me on CogZest.

Book: Cognitive Productivity: Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective

The framework for my research is described in my new book, Cognitive Productivity: Using Knowledge to Become Profoundly Effective. This book serves many purposes. It describes problems and opportunities adults face in processing knowledge and transforming themselves with it (i.e., “learning”). It presents broad cognitive science that is pertinent to the problem. It also presents very practical solutions to the problems. It describes ways of use information technology to improve cognitive productivity. The book can be used to potentiate bibliotherapy. It can also help psychologists help their clients transfer therapeutic knowledge.

Here is a list of key concepts discussed in that book, the main one of which is meta-effectiveness.

I’ve got some other books in the works, and edited book projects in mind, but am in no hurry to finish them.


CogSci Apps Corp. published an app based on my invention of the cognitive shuffle: mySleepButton. This company, of which I am a founder, is also developing several apps to help people improve their cognitive productivity while working with knowledge resources.