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This page is designed to provide tools and information that address issues relevant to health practitioners.

From rural community clinics to large hospitals, information technology (IT) is changing the workplace. As the internet is increasingly used to support delivery of health information to providers, patients and families, those who work in the health sector and within the larger health community are experiencing a range of unexpected benefits and complications. The ACTION for Health project has developed a series of research products designed for non-academic audiences. Our Practitioner's Pointers synthesize academic literature and present it in an accessible format. Our Good Practice Guide's (GPG's) will help health practitioners, providers, and the larger health community address IT issues raised in their work. Please see below for our helpful Practitioner's Pointers and Good Practice Guides.

Practitioner's Pointers

Good Practice Guides

Please note that the following GPG's (available in PDF format and in print) are designed to be printed out in folio format and then folded in a way that is similar to a booklet (11 x 17 paper size).

Ordering information for printed versions of our Good Practice Guides: (available soon)


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