Alumni Association Board of Directors

Benefits of being on the Board

Being on the Board is a commitment. It is also rewarding, fun and challenging and a great way to give back to the university. There are many benefits to being on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, such as:

  • Staying in touch with what's happening at SFU
  • Enjoying formal and informal opportunities to meet with the Chancellor, the President, and other senior leadership at the university
  • Representing the Alumni Association at public events such as convocation
  • Attending university and Alumni Association events
  • Expanding your professional and personal network
  • Developing professional skills in leadership, teamwork, management, etc.
  • Helping students who are following in your footsteps

Roles + Responsibilities

Board Policies

Conflict of Interest Policy:

The Executive Board of the Alumni Association of Simon Fraser University has a variety of functions to perform under its Constitution and By-Laws. The composition of the Board is complex, and it is possible that conflict of duty or interest may arise in the case of any member of the Board. But, it would be difficult to define the precise situations in which such a conflict may take place. Hence, it is the responsibility of each member to exercise his or her own judgment in regard to a possible interest in decisions in which he or she may participate as a Board member.

Therefore, it is agreed by the Board as a general regulation, that when a member of the Executive Board of the Alumni Association of Simon Fraser University has a personal interest in any contract or other arrangement proposed to be entered into or entered into by the Board, the member concerned shall:

(i) declare such a conflict, and

(ii) abstain from voting on the matter, or, if the circumstances so require, absent himself or herself from the meeting of the Board and its committees, when that contract or area is being discussed.

It is also agreed that the President of the Association shall remind the members of this general regulation at the June meeting of the Board every year.

Protection of Privacy:

SFU and its employees and volunteers are legally bound to protect the privacy of alumni information in accordance with federal and provincial privacy legislation. For more information, see:

Please note:

  • Alumni information is used only for authorized SFU use
  • We do not sell, rent, or disclose alumni lists
  • Alumni affinity partners cannot access alumni lists
  • Volunteers have the same obligation as employees do to follow privacy laws

Click here to view SFU alumni privacy policy:

Confidentiality Policy

Where appropriate, board members are expected to respect the confidentiality of business matters and discussions conducted in board meetings and committee meetings.

The successful candidates in the 2018 Alumni Association Board of Directors election are: Brandon Chapman, Chista Farzim, Kathryn Hearn, Patrick Lougheed, Sam Thiara and Glenn Young.

The 2018/19 Alumni Association Board of Directors


Mark Bailey
BGS '11
Sales Representative, Beam Suntory

Brandon Chapman
BBA '16

Financial Security Advisor, Freedom 55 Financial

Jasmine Cumberland
BBA Hons '09

Manager, People and Organization, Sony Pictures Imageworks Canada

Chista Farzim
BSc '11

Senior Research Technologist, STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

Angie Hall
BA '11, MA '13
Analyst | Large Corporate Banking | HSBC Bank Canada

Kathryn Hearn
BA '12, MA '15
Advisor, Development, The Heart & Stroke Foundation

Kimberly Jang
BBA Hons 2008
Marketing Faculty, Douglas College

Patrick Lougheed
BSc '04, MEd '12
Director & Co-founder, Plaid Consulting

Sam Thiara
BBA '86
Ignite the Dream Coaching and Consulting, Owner/Operator

Lana Van Velthuizen
BA '07, MEd '12
Manager, Centre for International Experience, Capilano University

Robert Weston
BA '78 (Comm/Econ)
Director of Human Resources, New Westminster School District

Claire Wilson
BA '13
Student Recruiter, SFU - Student Recruitment & Transition

Glenn Young
MBA '94
President, IMI Technologies Inc

John Grant
Executive Director, SFU Alumni Association

  • For more information about board membership, please contact Alumni Relations at 778.782.4723, 1.800.998.GRAD (4723) or