Alumni Partner Funding Program


The SFU Alumni Association is proud to partner with SFU-based Faculties, Departments, Service Areas and Student Groups (including Clubs) to support initiatives which benefit alumni, students, and the broader SFU community.

Applicants may qualify for up to $2000 to go towards their initiative. The key aspect of this funding is upon the partnership that should exist; enabling the Alumni Association to work with the applicant group to ensure the initiative has maximum reach, exposure, and effectiveness. 

The most supported initiatives are those that are generally in the idea stage that will enable us to assist with the overall development. 


SFU's Alumni Relations team can provide the following to support the development and promotion of your initiative: 

  • Consulting services from both alumni Event and Marketing experts
  • An email/mailing list of alumni who belong to a given area, including their contact and/or employment information 
  • Assist with the development of email communications (invitations) 
  • Promotion on the Alumni website and through various communication channels which may include social media, emails, etc. 
  • Registration assistance (configuring online registration tools)
  • Door prizes for the event 
  • And more!


For an initiative taking place/starting in:






Application submission deadline date:

June 1

August 1

October 1

December 1

February 1


  • To serve as a commitment, on behalf of the Alumni Association, to work with partners on delivering initiatives that are of value to SFU alumni and/or students and that could not otherwise be achieved solely by the Alumni Association.
  • To enhance the profile and reputation of the Alumni Association by aligning with partners whose networks can enhance the Alumni Association’s reach to SFU alumni and/or students
  • To financially support partners who can assist the Alumni Association with achieving its annual and long-term goals



This category is intended to support the University’s academic and service units who are organizing initiatives that involve and/or impact SFU’s alumni community.

  • To increase the number of opportunities that alumni have to participate in a diverse range of University-organized initiatives
  • To diversify the alumni who participate in University-organized initiatives
  • To increase the number of alumni who participate in University-organized initiatives
  • To increase the number of Alumni Association partnership initiatives
  • To gather data on alumni who attend these initiatives (e.g. contact information)


This category is intended to support student organizations that are directly affiliated with SFU in that they are an official SFU Faculty, Department or SFSS related group and/or the majority of their membership or intended audience consists of SFU students. 

  • To increase institutional pride among the SFU student community and what it will mean to belong to the SFU alumni community
  • To increase the number of initiatives where students have a meaningful experience with members of the alumni community  (e.g. guest speakers, mentors, facilitators)
  • To support opportunities that improve the transition for students into their alumni roles 


  • Actual budget
  • Brief summary of event outcomes
  • Attendance list, including contact information for all alumni who participated. Note that the Alumni Association will send a follow up email to those attendees.  
  • Photos that can be used for Alumni Association promotions


  • The Alumni Association’s primary target market/audience is our 140,000+ alumni. Accordingly, the Alumni Association will primarily fund projects that inspire, promote and facilitate alumni connection to the university, participation in the university and support of the university. 
  • Funding is awarded to SFU academic areas and/or SFU student groups.
  • Funding is generally disbursed after the completion of the project/program/ event.
  • Funding applications will be considered FIVE times annually. A decision will be made within 4 weeks of the application deadline. Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply in the next funding period.
  • The Alumni Association will fund not more than 50% of the total cost of the initiative, generally up to a maximum of $2,000.
  • Funding amount approved may be reduced depending upon expenses incurred. Funding will not be increased if expenses incurred exceed original estimates.
  • Proposed and confirmed partnerships with other funding organizations must be outlined in the application.
  • Applicants are eligible for no more than one grant per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31), unless otherwise approved by the Alumni Association's Executive Director.


  • Increase in the number of initiatives that alumni are invited to each year
  • Increase in the number of areas that partner with the Alumni Association to organize initiatives
  • Increase in the number of alumni and/or students who participated in initiatives
  • Are alumni survey responses generally positive of the partner initiatives they participated in?
  • How many alumni data updates were received as a result of partner initiatives?
  • How many alumni who attended partner initiatives also made a donation in the same calendar year?