SFU alumni mentors in B.C. needed

Beedie Luminaries are looking for SFU alumni–who live in the Lower Mainland–to become mentors to their luminaries attending SFU. Having access to a network of experienced perspectives and connections like you is crucial to guide Beedie Luminaries through their educational and professional journeys. 

Every year, select students join SFU through Beedie Luminaries–a social-profit enterprise designed to help remove barriers to education and provide wrap-around support for promising students who are facing financial adversity. Students who are smart, but constrained by circumstance. Students who are ready to rise above their circumstances and achieve their dreams.

An essential part of Beedie Luminaries is the Mentorship Program. The goal is to connect each of the students (Luminaries) with a mentor – someone who will walk with the student on their academic and personal journey and make them feel that they have someone in their corner who will listen, provide support, guidance, and champion their academic and life endeavours. As a mentor, your support can be vital in building a foundation for success that will last beyond these students’ post-secondary experience.

What does a good mentor look like? Mentors must offer guidance, friendship, and serve as role models. They are dedicated, committed, and enthusiastically supportive. Being a good mentor is both challenging and rewarding, but when done right, it can offer life-changing benefits to everyone involved.