Where Are They Now

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Where Are They Now

In 2003, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of SFU's Outstanding Alumni Awards, we surveyed our past winners to find out where they are now in their lives. Come meet this dynamic group of individuals and learn more about their unique contributions in the areas of: Academic Achievement, Arts and Culture, Athletic Achievement, Professional Achievement, Service to the Community, Service to the University, and Student Leadership.

Special thanks to SFU alumni Catharine Reid (BBA) and Stacey McGregor (BA) for their volunteer assistance with this special anniversary project.

Profiles of Some Past Outstanding Alumni Award Winners

Academic Achievement
1995 Gail Anderson, MPM, PhD
1996 Ann Rose, PhD
1997 Imre Kovesdi, Phd
1998 Alexandra Newton, BSc
1999 Marco Marra, BSc, PhD

Arts and Culture
1993 Karl Siegler, BA (Hon), MA
1994 Brian Fawcett, BA (Hon)
1997 Ken Lum, BGS

Athletic Achievement
1983 Jack Taunton, BSc, MSc
1984 Lui Passaglia, BA
1985 Dave Cutler, BA, PDP
1987 Randy Ragan, BA
1988 Bob Molle, BGS
1989 Doug Roxburgh, BA
1990 Brit Townsend, BGS
1992 Jay Triano, BA, PDP
1995 Greg Edgelow, BGS
1998 Dave McKay, BGS, PDP
1999 Ger Donnelly, BEd, PDP
2000 Leah Pells, BA
2001 Chris Wilson, BBA

Professional Achievement
1983 Terri Nash, BA, MA
1984 Kenneth Dye, MBA
1985 John Sawatsky, BA
1986 Sandy V. Wilson, BA
1987 Wendy Newman, BA
1989 Derek Barnes, MBA
1991 Cliff Andstein, BA
1992 Robert H. Wright, BA
1993 Michael Churchill-Smith, BGS
1995 Allan Maynard, BSc, MSc
1998 Kim Rossmo, BA, MA, PhD
1999 Ken Spencer, MBA
2001 Chris Spence, BA

Service to the Community
1983 Gregg Macdonald, MA
1985 Barbara Rae, MBA
1986 Jim Fulton, BA
1988 Richard B. Allen, BA, MA
1990 David Driscoll, MA
1992 Sandra Wilking, BA
1993 Shirley Chan, BA
1994 Tasoula Berggren, MSc
1998 Robert Butler, BSc, MSc
1999 Robert Vernon, BSc, MPM, PhD
2001 Gyda Chud, PDP

Service to the University
1983 Evelyn Palmer, MSc
1985 Dennis Culver, MBA
1987 Ian Andrews, PDP, BEd, MA
1991 Jack Croll, MBA
1993 Harry Evans, LLD
1994 Paul Cote, MBA
1996 William Rowe, MBA
2001 D'Arcy Warner, MBA

Silver Anniversary Award of Distinction
1990 Greg Basham, BA, MBA

35th Anniversary Award for Service to the University
2000 Dick Woldring, BSc

Student Leadership Award
1998 Heather de Geest, PDP
1999 Kenneth Cheung, BASc
2001 Scott Logie, BASc
2002 Reza Pourvali

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