Terry Beech

BBA (Econ) '06
CEO, Hiretheworld.com

Original Interview by Amanda Sung, reprinted with permission from UVoice, SFU Student Bilingual Magazine
Photo: Terry Beech in his office at the Aquilini Investment Group


Terry Beech (BBA '06 Business & Economics) is currently CEO of Hiretheworld.com. HiretheWorld makes it easy to find, manage and pay an on-demand, global workforce. HiretheWorld operates in 150+ countries, is funded by Oxford University, and was the 2010 winner of the prestigious New Ventures BC competition. He is also a Director for Lift Philanthropy Partners, a Vancouver-based Venture Philanthropy Fund and a Director of Twinbro Local Leaders, which focuses on student success and leadership education.

Terry combines his passion for business and education by teaching Entrepreneurship at SFU and co-wrote a national strategy for High Growth Entrepreneurship in Canada. An active community volunteer and a past Action Canada fellow, he has been named a top 30 under 30 Canadian Leader by Maclean's Magazine and is a recipient of the SFU Alumni Association's Outstanding Student Leadership Award and a Volunteer Vancouver award. He has lived in Asia and Europe, and was Canada's youngest ever elected representative at the age of 18. Terry holds an MBA from Oxford University and an Economics and Business Degree from SFU.

Before coming to Vancouver to study at SFU, Terry was Canada’s youngest ever elected official as a city councillor in the City of Nanaimo. He was only 18 years old at the time. Terry continued his post in Nanaimo after he began attending SFU. For a long period of time, he was juggling night classes up on the hill and working on Vancouver Island as a city councillor. Eventually, Terry decided to move on and focus on his education.

When asked about his experience at SFU, Terry responded that it was absolutely fantastic, and if he were to do it all over again, he would have still chosen SFU over politics. Calling SFU’s Business Administration program a “power house”, Terry took pride in being part of the SFU community and said that the program could rival that of any North American university. When choosing schools, Terry did not even apply to UBC. He thought that only SFU was able to offer what he was seeking. He also pointed out that SFU Business Student Affairs Officer Sam Thiara (BBA '86) has been making an effort to increase the quality of education for the business faculty, so students are definitely in good hands. While some naysayers like to claim that SFU business students are simply UBC rejects, Terry offered an alternative insight: “I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised and realize that they have chosen the right school.”

During his time at SFU, Terry was actively involved with student clubs and had the chance to travel to many places around the world, such as Montreal, Texas, Colorado, Thailand, and Hong Kong for business competitions, exchange programs, and other projects. With co-op, school, social life, extra-curricular activities, and many other commitments on his plate, maintaining balance was a key challenge for Terry. However, it also taught him to focus on his goals and prioritize, skills he now puts to great use in his work.

One major impact the school had on Terry was that it raised the bar for him and provided him with an opportunity to meet a lot of intelligent individuals. The environment was conducive to achievement  because Terry was (and still is) very competitive. “But I don’t mind losing,” Terry added, “if I am learning something.” His advice for today's students? “After you graduate, take time to fully evaluate what’s out there and what you really want. It shouldn’t have anything to do with money. Find something you’re passionate about. Dream big, or go home!”

Updated May 24, 2011
Original profile posted November 2007