Fair Trade Ambassador Recruitment 2021/2022

September 07, 2021

Have you heard of the Fair Trade Ambassador program at SFU yet?

The Fair Trade Ambassador Program is about bringing people into the fair trade community and creating leaders to spread the fair trade message across the country. With over 1.7 million farmers and workers within the global Fairtrade system, you can play a direct role in ensuring that they live more sustainable livelihoods and build stronger, more resilient communities. 

The Ambassador Program recognizes individuals for demonstrating strong commitment to fair trade through their passion and dedication. It’s designed to support the fair trade leaders of today and empower the fair trade leaders of tomorrow. The length of your commitment is one year. 

If you are passionate about sustainability and social justice, this flexible learning experience can help you mobilize your interests to make tangible, lasting impacts. Through the program, you'll have access to:  

  • Education and resources all about Fair Trade, like different products as well as topics on climate change, gender inequality, workers rights, and child enforced labour
  • Connections to an inspiring, like-minded global community, including fair trade leaders across Canada and global producers
  • The opportunity to design your own campaign according to your interests and goals
  • Outreach efforts to mobilize your community
  • Hours for your co-curricular record!

What have we done in the past year?

Although we could not have any in-person events or workshops last year, our ambassadors never stop advocating the significant role of fair trade and educating our community. These are some of the events we held this last year.

We virtually visited the University Highlands Elementary, where we introduced concepts of fair trade, the supply chain, the impacts of climate change, and climate resilience to grade 3-4 students.

We held movie nights. First, we watched the secrets of chocolate production and its reliance on child slave labour. Then, we collaborated with Ban the Bottle SFU to screen a film about the toxic pollution coming from the textile industry. 

We held an online games night, including a trivia session for participants to win prizes.

Another big event we participated in was the SFU Stormhacks Hackathon. We introduced the concept of fair trade and some of it’s problems for hackathon participants to solve.

We also guest lectured in an SFU course, sharing about fair trade and its relation to sustainability, including overseeing a project for students to complete.

If this sounds like your cup of fair trade tea, complete this form by September 23rd 2021 to apply! If you want to know more about Fair Trade on campus or in general, feel free to connect with us through email or on any of our social media accounts. We will be posting about upcoming virtual events, Fair Trade initiatives, extra resources, and promoting our favourite products.

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Instagram: @sfufairtrade

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