UBC Calls On All Universites to Celebrate Fair Trade

January 31, 2013


As Simon Fraser University and the University of Guelph join the Fair Trade movement, following UBC, UBC calls for other universities to apply for status

Research conducted by students at the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, focusing on what knowledge exists around Fair Trade practice, found that of those surveyed, 36 per cent consider Fair Trade important or very important to them, however, 20 per cent do not know how to identify a Fair Trade product and 36 per cent do not know what products UBC carries apart from coffee*. UBC is addressing this education gap by holding its second Fair Trade week (February 12 – 15) to further raise awareness of what Fair Trade is, what UBC’sas role is and to highlight what products are available on campus.

In 2011, UBC was designated Canada’s first Fair Trade Campus. Fairtrade Canada called UBC, “an example to all universities and the embodiment of Canadian fairness and respect for farmers who produce these products”, and in 2012, two more Canadian campuses followed suit and joined the Fair Trade movement: Simon Fraser University (SFU) and the University of Guelph.

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