University of Calgary to become a Fair Trade Campus

April 4, 2013

by Michael Grondin, New Editor

The University of Calgary is on its way to becoming a fair trade recognized institution within the next few weeks under Fairtrade Canada, a non-profit organization that provides fair trade designations to different organizations. 

Fairtrade Canada is the only Canadian member of Fairtrade International, an international non-profit institution that provides fair trade designation to organizations, businesses and products.

To ensure the U of C meets the standards of a fair trade campus, Fairtrade Canada will send a representative in the next few weeks.

The U of C began its transition to becoming a fair trade designated school in fall 2010 when members of the U of C Engineers Without Borders chapter initiated the certification process. 

“EWB has been a huge supporter of fair trade for quite some time. On many campuses, EWB members have been a driving force behind gaining fair trade status for their campus and the U of C is no exception,” said U of C student and EWB fair trade co-ordinator Sara Walde, who became involved in the U of C’s fair trade recognition process in 2010.


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