Ian Klassen

MBA,  1997
BA Hons (Cmns) ,  1995

Ian Klassen received his MBA in 1997 and during his studies, along with Drew Parker, they created the first online business course at SFU. The course was unique because students from the Helsinki School of Economics in Finland attended, completed the same projects, and wrote the same exams as the Canadian students. Ian went on to complete a post-graduate certificate program in software engineering at UBC.

Armed with an impressive breadth of skills and knowledge, Ian moved into the corporate world and began his career with Accenture followed by Telus.

Ian hopped across the border in 2009 and he began working in the mobile technology industry in the United States. He quickly found his niche and co-created the mobile team at Zappos; an online shoe and clothing shop based in Las Vegas. Today Zappos Mobile application is one of the highest rated shopping apps on Apple iTunes and Android Marketplace.

In 2011, Ian moved to the west coast and lead the Mobile eCommerce team at Apple in Cupertino, California. He has served as board advisor for Go Try It On and Wantful and mentors for TechStars. He is currently the VP Product (Mobile and Labs) for Audax Health located in California.

In addition to his busy career, Ian is happily married to Kerry and they are expecting their second child in the spring of 2014.

Ian is a shining example of how SFU alumni are engaging the world. Ian is creating unique and useful ways for people around the world to connect via mobile technology with a variety of goods and services. I’m truly honoured to know Ian and I have no doubt he will continue to raise the bar and excel.

Watch "The entrepreneurial path from mobile commerce to mobile health – with Audax Health VP Ian Klassen" interview on Untether.tv: http://untether.tv/2013/episode-484-the-entrepreneurial-path-from-mobile-commerce-to-mobile-health-with-audax-health-vp-ian-klassen/

Submitted by: Fiona Burrows


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