Nancy Ingersoll

PDP,  1970
BA (Hist) ,  1969

Nancy is a dedicated, involved, and passionate person helping to make a big difference in the city of Vernon.

She has been not only a teacher-on-call for the School District for many years and volunteered with the teachers' union in a Social Justice capacity but has been an impassioned volunteer for the greater community.

Wanting to address local needs in education, Nancy Ingersoll co-founded the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) in 1993, where she was able to establish positive relationships among trustees, school administrators and teachers. Also deeply interested in poverty and health issues, Nancy has devoted more than 25 years to volunteering with the People in Need Crisis Line Intervention Society, Teens Talk Line and the Good Morning Program for Seniors.

She has tutored adults in literacy skills, been Captain Canvasser for the Canadian Society for more than 20 years and has helped the United Way with special events. A committed youth advocate, she has also served on the Advisory Committee of the Social Planning Council providing support for young people in the community.

She was the recipient of the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award in 2007. The Award is presented to individuals whose unpaid, voluntary contributions provide extraordinary help or care to people in the community. Recipients have usually served over a number of years and have not usually been previously recognized by a national or provincial honour.

Nancy and Bob, both SFU charter students, have raised three wonderful children, Shannon, Ryan and Kelly and are looking forward to grandchildren.

Nancy's involvement in the school system and in the Vernon community, as a whole, is inspiring. Her commitment and passion has touched and improved many lives.

Submitted by: Allison Lambert


Social Change I Non-ProfitCommunity Engagement


EducationHistoryProfessional Development Program (PDP)


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