Alyssa Jordan

BA (Health),  2013

At the beginning of 2010 Alyssa declared her major in health sciences and her passion and commitment to helping her peers succeed in their academic and extra-curricular endeavors. First as an Assistant Director and then as a Director, Alyssa was involved with the FHS Peer Mentorship Program. The Program is an entirely student-run mentoring project connecting first year HSCI students with their senior peers, and providing an enhanced university experience for new students and strengthening the FHS community. In her leadership roles, Alyssa was essential for recruiting and training senior FHS student leaders to become mentors as well as for kindly encouraging newly admitted students to be paired with their mentors.

Alyssa was always engaged with FHS and the wider campus. As a Secretary of the FHS Undergraduate Student Union, as a panelist and representative in numerous FHS and University events, and as a Campus Ambassador and SFU Residence Community Advisor, Alyssa has greatly contributed to the success and reputation of our Faculty and University.

Her ability to achieve and maintain a high CGPA of 4.01 while staying spiritedly involved in the community, and working part time during her undergraduate education were remarkable. Alyssa is a recipient of several most prestigious awards and scholarships: SFU Gordon M. Shrum Scholarship, SFU President’s Honour Roll, FHS Dean’s Honour Roll, and SFU Open Scholarship.

It was no surprise that Alyssa then accepted her offer from Harvard University School of Public Health to obtain her Master of Science degree studying Social and Behavioral Sciences with a concentration in Health Communication. Her research interests lie in health communication; specifically in communication strategies aimed at improving health disparities, and the mass media’s role in framing health issues, health literacy, health policy debates, and health-related behaviors and ideologies.

The Faculty of Health Sciences appreciates Alyssa for being such an engaged student while at SFU and wishes her every success at Harvard and into the future.


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