Terry Beech

BBA,  2006

Despite humble beginnings, Terry has developed into a well-known and sought-after speaker, panelist, and expert in entrepreneurship.

During his undergraduate studies, Terry founded Twinbro Local Leaders, a non-profit which uses relatable role models to inspire students to pursue higher education and become community leaders. To date, it has helped 35,000+ youth access post-secondary education and obtain millions in financial aid. As a testament to its impact, Twinbro alumni regularly give back by coaching and supporting high school students.

In 2009, while completing his MBA (Entrepreneurship and Finance) at Oxford, Terry launched HiretheWorld, an online community of graphic designers who exchange services, knowledge, and opportunities in 142 countries. At its peak stage of development, the Vancouver office employed 22 full-time staff. The company has won several awards, including the 2010 New Ventures BC Competition, and was the only company among 100+ to receive funding at a global venture competition in England in 2010.

Terry eventually returned to SFU as an adjunct professor, and has played a large role in expanding SFU Beedie’s offering of entrepreneurial education. He has designed and taught undergraduate curriculum in entrepreneurship, innovation and business strategy.

Despite always having multiple projects on the go, Terry continues to seek out opportunities where he can use his education and experience in entrepreneurship to help others. Whether sharing his expertise with Lift Venture Philanthropy, an organization that applies venture capital principles to philanthropic ventures, or with 500+ small businesses, alongside Robert Herjavec (Dragons’ Den/Shark Tank), Terry’s energy and enthusiasm know no bounds.

Submitted by: Lisa Dalla Vecchia


Business I Professional I EntrepreneurshipSocial Change I Non-Profit




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