Sean Peters

BA (Anthro),  2010
Minor in Business,  2010

Sean has proven willing to take the path less known, and been rewarded with impressive early career success rooted in helping build a better world. He is currently the program manager for the Impact of Entrepreneurship Database, based out of Emory University in Atlanta. The first and only of its kind, this research initiative focuses on entrepreneur accelerators around the world, with an aim to better understand what factors have the greatest impact on entrepreneurial growth - they are tracking over 900 entrepreneurs.

Previously, as a founder and leader at the non-profit Global Agents for Change since 2006, his work helped create over $1 million in impact on global poverty through microfinance loans, education scholarships, and innovative youth leadership experiences. This work was recognized by the United nations UN Works series, the SFU Business Impact Award, and a wide variety of media, and led Sean to board or advisory positions with numerous entrepreneurs and non-profits.

Growing from this work, Sean was a founder of the Global Catalyst Initiative, a $300,000 program working with high-growth social ventures in Kenya and Uganda to try to address a critical lack of capital and technical support for early stage innovators. He is also a co-founder of RADIUS Ventures, an SFU-based impact accelerator growing out of the RADIUS social innovation initiative at the Beedie School of Business. In a previous life, he also worked with Procter & Gamble.

Sean continues to contribute to the SFU community by acting as a coach for the prestigious JDC West Case Competition in recent years, co-leading the team that received top Academic team honours in 2012. He also regularly mentors and advises emerging SFU entrepreneurs working on social impact ideas, and remains engaged with RADIUS SFU as an advisor.

Submitted by: Shawn Smith and Terry Beech


Business I Professional I EntrepreneurshipSocial Change I Non-ProfitCommunity Engagement



Sean Peters

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