Sarah England

MBA,  1997


Dr. Sarah England has devoted herself to solving some of the world's most pressing public health problems from environmental degradation to vaccines for childhood diseases. Her work impacts the health of millions of people in the global community.

With an Oxford PhD in medical science, Sarah did her post-doctoral work in Asia, quickly becoming involved with several international organizations. She spent the 90's in Vietnam working on biodiversity and other environmental projects, while at the same time completing her SFU Executive MBA in 1997.

Her global experience and keen interest in environmental health issues soon drew the attention of the World Health Organization (WHO), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. She joined WHO as an Environmental Health Adviser for Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, and began focusing on global vaccination projects in 1999. One of her first assignments was to build consensus among stakeholders on the structure and function of a billion dollar global fund to finance the vaccination of children in resource-poor countries. Six months later, Sarah presented the proposed structure in Seattle to Bill Gates, and the new Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization successfully secured a $750 million donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She worked with the WHO Stop TB Partnership Secretariat in Switzerland, bringing global partners together to formulate and implement shared strategies and plans to eliminate TB, and also lead campaigns to reduce tobacco use in China.

In 2012, Sarah joined Bloomberg Philanthropies as part of the Global Health Team. Boomberg was recently cited by Fast Company as being the second most innovative company in the world after google and Sarah’s work on tobacco control was cited as a major example of how the organization is making huge strides.

Thank you, Sarah, for being such an inspiration and for truly engaging the world to create a brighter, healthier future for all.


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