Phoebe Sarkar

BSc (Health Sciences),  2012

Phoebe was born and brought up in Bangladesh and emigrated with her parents as a teenager to Vancouver, BC. Like many recent immigrants she struggled to learn the language, adapt to her new culture and overcome financial hardships. She not only succeeded in her struggle, she also excelled in her new environment. Phoebe became her family’s pillar as well as becoming a star student and an extremely active and engaged member of her new community.

She turned her FHS Honours project into a published manuscript, participated in setting up Dr. Pablo Nepomnaschy lab in FHS and worked as a technologist for StemCell Technologies, an international biotech company based in Vancouver. Towards the end of her degree, Phoebe was selected to work as a research assistant at the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Center – Queensland (APCRC-Q). She is currently continuing her studies at APCRC-Q as a PhD student, investigating treatment resistance in prostate cancer.

Phoebe received a number of awards and scholarships including the prestigious Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Undergraduate Summer Research Award two times. As well as being the recipient of the FHS Extraordinary Achievement Award.

In addition to her scholarly achievements, Phoebe was also strongly involved in the community as president of the UNICEF SFU Club. She also served as a Community Advisor for SFU Residence and Housing plus volunteered for AIDS Vancouver, where she provided social, practical and emotional support to AIDS patients in the Lower Mainland.

Dr. Pablo Nepomnaschy, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences ‘Appreciates’ Phoebe for her outstanding academic and social achievements, her demonstrated passion, stamina, intelligence, integrity and will to overcome any challenges that life presents, which made her one of the Faculty of Health Sciences’ most promising students and a future scientific star.


Health I Wellness Science I Technology Community Engagement


Health Sciences


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