Travis Wong

BBA (Accounting),  2009

When he successfully ran for a position to serve on the SFU Alumni Association’s Board of Directors in 2011, Travis mentioned in his candidate statement that he “values higher education and community involvement very highly.” And he meant it.

While a student at SFU, Travis ensured he not only excelled in his academic career, but also made a difference on the SFU campus. His volunteer experiences included serving as a mentor in the SFU Co-op Cohort. One of his proudest moments was founding the SFU Bootcamp, a one day intensive series of workshops that helps students discover what it is like working at an accounting firm.

He also served in several capacities in the JDC West Business Competition including his final year as Co-Captain of the entire delegation. He also seized the opportunity to participate as an athlete with the SFU Water Polo Club for 5 years, and participated in a 4 month abroad program with the Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

Travis felt that graduating from SFU was “merely a milestone in what will be a long-term commitment to my alma mater.” Despite his busy career at KPMG, he returned to SFU to serve a few times as Head Coach for the JDC West competitions, and completed two years as a volunteer Board member with the SFU Alumni Association.

Now that he’s recently completed his MBA at Oxford, Travis is filling the role of SFU’s volunteer alumni representative in London, England. He’s keen to stay in the area and wants to help SFU grow its alumni network in the area to afford enhanced networking and social opportunities. If you’re in the London area and wish to get connected then you can find Travis’ information on the SFU Alumni Groups page:

Thank you, Travis, for all that you have and continue to contribute to SFU! We’re extremely appreciative of your efforts.

Submitted by: John Grant


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Travis Wong

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