D'Arcy Warner

MBA,  1972


D’Arcy Warner was engaging in the life of SFU long before engagement became the cornerstone of our school’s branding as “the Engaged University”. You would be hard pressed to find another alumnus as passionate and enthusiastic about SFU as he is, and he has repeatedly put that passion into action to help make our university, the Alumni Association, and our community the best they can be.

Professionally D’Arcy worked for many years in senior management at BC Hydro and BC Gas, then left to run HR Network Inc., a management consulting firm. During his working life and continuing into his retirement, D’Arcy has been an avid volunteer in his community and at SFU, giving his time and talents to help others and create a brighter future.

He spent many years helping with fundraising for SFU’s Executive MBA program, including serving as President of the MBA Alumni Association. He served on the Alumni Association Board of Directors from 1992 to 1998, and led the alumni board as President in 1995-96. He volunteered as a career mentor for SFU students, and for many years chaired SFU’s Outstanding Alumni Awards committee. He was elected as the alumni representative on SFU’s Senate and served as a Convocation Senator for multiple years.

In 2001 D’Arcy received the Outstanding Alumni Award for Service to University in recognition of his significant contributions to SFU and its community of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

D’Arcy also engages the world through his involvement with Rotary International, helping to make a better life for those in need in the local and global community.

When you think of the SFU alumni spirit, it’s people like D’Arcy that come to mind. He cares about people and possibilities, and he’s not afraid to show up and roll up his sleeves to make a positive difference.

What else could you expect from someone whose business card says “A New Adventure Every Day”?


Business I Professional I EntrepreneurshipCommunity Engagement




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