Tiffany Ho

BA (Cmns),  2011

Tiffany is a community engagement activist with both SFU and national not-for-profit organizations. Prior to enrolling at SFU and retiring from competitive dancing, Tiffany was the bronze medalist in the 2007 B.C. Latin Amateur Open Championship, ranked third in B.C. With her great passion for ballroom dancing, during her freshman year, Tiffany co-founded the SFU Ballroom Dance Club (SFUBDC) with the mission to share her love for ballroom dancing and promote ballroom dancing as art and sport – dancesport. It was a huge success. In addition to SFUBDC, Tiffany was also the co-founder of the SFU Chinese Debate Society. The goal was to promote and preserve the Chinese language and culture.

With her strong language and interpersonal skills, after receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from SFU, Tiffany challenged herself first in marketing then legal service. Tiffany received her Paralegal Certificate in November 2013 with scholarship from BC Paralegal Association. Early this year, February 2015, Tiffany received an entrance scholarship from University of Liverpool in Masters of Law (LLM) and commenced her LLM study with a concentration in International Business Law.

Tiffany currently works at SFU Office of Research Services as Research Contracts Coordinator. In addition to her full-time work and part-time LLM program, Tiffany continues to volunteer with the SFU Community and national not-for-profit organizations. Her volunteering focuses on immigration outreach, education mentorship and business coaching. She is currently a coach for SFU JDC West Business Case Competition Not-For-Profit team, as well as, mentor and workshop facilitator with S.U.C.C.E.S.S. and YMCA.

Tiffany's hard work and energetic attitude were the main pillars contributing to her success. She is a natural leader that knows how to delegate and assign work to achieve maximum effectiveness, and also contribute more than her share for her engagements. Working alongside Tiffany was a rewarding experience that inspires others to contribute as much as they can for the success of any undertaking.

Submitted by: Boris Shabash


Social Change I Non-ProfitCommunity Engagement




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