Karen McCredie

MA (Educ),  2007

As a recent graduate from the Capilano University’s School of Business, and SFU Alumni, it is with enthusiasm I submit my SFU Alumni Appreciation statement to this Alumni project. As I transition from being a full-time student to future leader, I will always have the good fortune of looking towards the inspirational leadership and mentorship provided to me by Karen McCredie, the current Madam Registrar at Capilano University, and fellow MA ‘07 SFU Alumni.

I first met Karen McCredie as a Business Student attending Capilano’s School of Business. As a student team leader, the required group project in my Leadership in Teams course tasked me with collaborating with senior management, and their employees at Capilano University. The goal was to achieve projected sustainability outcomes for the University in competition with other Business Student groups. My nervousness at having to directly contact senior management, requesting they involve both themselves and their staff in a student group project, was immediately alleviated by Karen’s welcoming smile and immediate interest in supporting my Business Student team and me.

In the short time spent together on this student collaboration, I gained insight into Karen’s inspirational leadership style. I witnessed how approachable and keenly interested she is in understanding the needs of both her staff and students at Capilano University. I also learned how Karen loves good, healthy competition and how determined she was to motivate both her staff, and other staff members, to support my student team in producing the winning Business Student group project. Thanks to Madam Registrar, and her Registrar Office team, my Leadership in Teams project was both impressive and won the Business Students’ group project assignment for that semester.

After successfully completing this winning Business Student group project, I was fortunate to become a temporary member of Madam Registrar’s team, when the University employed me for summer employment in the Registrar’s Office. While employed at the Registrar’s Office, I experienced first hand how Karen strives daily to motivate and empower her Registrar Office team to be the difference-makers in the lives of both current and future students at Capilano University.

During the recent job action at Capilano University, when I worked together with her again, Karen’s unwavering commitment to Capilano University’s students’ success, and genuine care about their academic requirements, came shining through. Karen was determined, and extremely clear in expressing her directions to the minimally staffed Registrar Office, every phone call and email be answered, while all in person student visits and emergency student requirements also be attended to. Against all odds, Karen’s leadership and commitment to students’ success delivered frontline service to the fulfillment of Capilano University students’ immediate academic needs.

Additionally, in her role as the current President of the Western Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (WARUCC), Karen McCredie’s passion for ensuring students’ success reaches beyond Capilano University. Karen’s goals as Chairperson for WARUCC’s upcoming Biannual General Meeting -being held in Vancouver from June 22-25, 2015 - is actively supporting registrars and related student service professionals through this year’s Conference’s theme of:

“Student Success – We’re in This Together.”

Karen McCredie is an outstanding SFU Alumni and post secondary community leader whose commitment to Capilano University’s students is dedicated, passionate and making the difference in the academic success of the University’s current and future students.

Karen lives in North Vancouver together with her husband, son and daughter.

Submitted by: Cheryl-Ann Henning


EducationBusiness I Professional I EntrepreneurshipCommunity Engagement




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