Carey Doberstein

MPP,  2008

Dr. Carey Doberstein graduated from the SFU School of Public Policy (SPP) with a Master degree in 2008. His background in Sciences and Sociology made him very interested in the relationship between nature sustainability and human being’s behaviour. As a result, in his SPP Master’s Thesis (called capstone), he analyzed why Vancouver households have among the largest water consumption in Western countries and proposed sound policies to avoid long-term water shortages in British Columbia. He received a prize for the best capstone in his cohort of about 30 students and won the Gold prize in National Thought Leadership Awards the Institute from Public Administration in Canada (IPAC). Throughout his following PhD studies at the University of Toronto, Carey Doberstein’s goal was to generate policy research highly estimated in the academic world as well as greatly appreciated in the real world. So, he published papers in excellent refereed journals and kept winning prestigious external prizes and awards.

Today, Carey Doberstein is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at UBC-Okanagan. He keeps producing very good academic research about real world policy needs. In addition, he is generating commitments to enhance involvement of academia with communities. His public policy research approach is filling a very important goal in today’s Canada which is to capture general public’s attention with sound and relevant issues. As a result, he has frequent appearances in broadcast and printed media, and numerous engagements with various government and community organizations. At a very young age, Carey Doberstein proves how desired apolitical policy analyses are by communities and how academics can contribute to these interests when it is their passion.

Submitted by: Dominique Gross


Environment I SustainabilityPolitics I GovernmentCommunity Engagement


Public Policy


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