Vienna Lam

BA (Archaeology) ,  2015
BA (Criminology),  2011
Certificate in Liberal Arts ,  2011

Vienna Chichi Lam holds a BA in Archaeology.

During her undergraduate career, Vienna served as a Research Assistant for Dr. David Burley, the Archaeology department Chair, in his South Pacific Archaeology Laboratory. In this role, she supervised undergraduate work-study students in systems management and standard cataloguing procedures. Her other responsibilities included illustrating ceramic motifs and creating maps (site, cartographic and stratigraphic) for various publications. Vienna has since analyzed more than 20,000 ceramic samples, and has worked with a variety of lithics, shell artifacts, and faunal remains. Her illustrative work is currently acknowledged in more than a dozen publications.

Vienna’s work in the South Pacific Laboratory prepared her to take on the role as the Laboratory Manager for the SFU Fiji-Tonga Field School. In 2014, she ran the in-field laboratory in Nukuleka, Kingdom of Tonga. This protected site is held as the first settlement site of all of Polynesia. Besides analyzing the diagnostic ceramic remains, she also had 19 students under her charge for the in-field cleaning, sorting and cataloguing process. Her research during this semester was sponsored by SFU’s Vice-President Research (full-time) Award and Dr. David Burley.

In 2013, Vienna won her first Vice-President Research (full-time) Award and travelled to Northern China with Dr. Dongya Yang as a Laboratory Assistant. Before traveling to China, she spent over a month working in the Center of Forensic Research’s forensic DNA laboratory. When she arrived at Jilin University, she helped organize and execute the month-long osteology workshop by helping 30 students identify different human bones and features based on fragmented remains.

Vienna displayed her passion for community engagement through her numerous volunteering positions and leadership roles in the community. On campus, she held positions as the president of the SFU Underwater Archaeology club, a student ambassador, and a peer mentor with the Faculty of Environment. In the past, she has volunteered with the SFU Women’s Center, and has served as the Vice-President of the Burnaby Mountain Toastmasters club. Apart from SFU, she has volunteered extensively with Youth-In-Action and the Royal Canadian Army Cadets. Through cadets, she has worked with many organizations like Operation Christmas Child, SPCA, and Salvation Army.

During her leisure time, Vienna spends her time hiking with her dog, painting science-fiction/fantasy landscapes, and playing competitive card games (MTG).

- Written by the Faculty of Environment


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