Maney Grewal

BBA (Accounting and Finance),  2008

As a student at the Beedie School of Business, Maney Grewal demonstrated a fierce competitive streak that reaped dividends – both for himself, and for Beedie. Since his graduation, Maney has ensured the School has continued to benefit from his competitive instincts.

During his undergraduate studies, Maney was inspired by his brother and friends to join the 2007 Beedie JDC West Case Competition team, which ultimately took home the Academic School of the Year award. Following graduation, he volunteered to coach the Finance and Business Strategy team, but found that a lack of organization and leadership left Beedie trailing in their competitors’ wake – an experience that left him eager to improve the School’s fortunes.

When he was approached for the position of co-head coach for the entire Beedie JDC West team, he jumped at the chance. Together with fellow co-head coach, Sean Peters, the two designed a new coaching strategy from the ground up and successfully led the team to 1st and 3rd place in Academic School of the Year in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

“For many years prior to JDC West 2013, a culture of excellence seemed to be lacking at Beedie, so it was a proud moment for me that I was able to make an impact on student learning,” says Maney. “To make a student think we are capable of winning nationally and internationally is one of the first steps to becoming a world renowned school.”

Having now stepped down from his position as co-head coach at JDC West, Maney continues to be involved with Beedie case competitions, both as a judge for mock competitions, and coaching individual teams, including the Beedie team for the McDonough-Hilltop Business Strategy Challenge Case Competition at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

Maney’s Beedie Community engagement extends to the Beedie Protégé program where he prepares students for leadership roles while strengthening the School’s reputation. He aims to teach them how to get the most out of their student club experiences and how this will prepare them for future career success.

“Selfishly, it’s about making sure that Beedie continues to shine around the world,” says Maney. “When students become better so does the Beedie brand, and that reflects well on all Beedie alumni. Beedie is a world class school, and we just need to find ways to showcase it.”

Whether in business or on campus, Maney remains engaged, and advises students to not wait for the perfect job, but to find an organization with the right fit. “Students need to step back, and find a great organization that they would like to work for,” he says. “Showcase your talents with hard work, and over time you will be in the perfect job. Don’t be afraid to start somewhere. If it is a good position and is part of what you’d like to do, give it a try. There is always a chance to change it.”

Understanding how engaged alumni can make a difference, Maney challenges all his fellow alumni to get involved. “I think alumni are able to create and foster an environment that improves the culture at Beedie,” he says. “As alumni, it is our duty to make sure Beedie realizes its potential – even a small commitment can make a huge impact on students.”

- Written by SFU Beedie School of Business


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