Marlow Pellatt

PhD (BiSc),  1996
BSc,  1990

Marlow Pellatt's undergraduate degree focused on ecology. His interest in environmental change drew him to paleoecology where he began graduate studies with Dr. Rolf Mathewes (Biological Sciences) using pollen and plant macro remains to reconstruct tree line and ecosystem responses to climate change over the past 10,000 years. His thesis was titled Postglacial changes in vegetation and climate near treeline in British Columbia.

After completion of a post doc working on the high resolution of vegetation and climate in SE Vancouver Island (Ocean Drilling Project Leg 169s) he was hired as the Parks Canada Coastal Ecologist focusing on western and northern Canada. Some of the highlights of this job include: projects along the arctic coast of Ivvavik National Park on the Yukon’s north slope; sampling lakes among the polar bears in Wapusk National Parks on the coast of Hudson Bay; working in the ancient forest and shores of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site in British Columbia; working among the lakes, beaches and forests of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve (BC), the lakes and forests of Riding Mountain and Kootenay National Parks, and understanding the role of First nations people in the eco-cultural evolution of many Garry oak meadows on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Island National Park Reserve.

Marlow is still currently working with Parks Canada as an ecosystem scientist with the National Ecological Restoration Division where he focuses on the Conservation and Restoration Program for Parks Canada including climate change adaptation and mitigation and eco-cultural landscapes. Climate change is one of the greatest issues impacting ecosystems. How our national parks adapt to climate change is a question of ever increasing importance.

- Written by the Faculty of Science

Published in March 2016


Science I Technology




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