Jasmine Cumberland

BBA (Hons),  2009

Jasmine Cumberland’s experience as an undergraduate student at the Beedie School of Business opened up a world of opportunities that paved the way for future success. Having benefited from her experience in student clubs, case competitions, international exchanges, and co-op terms, she now makes it her prerogative to ensure current students are offered those same opportunities.

Soon after starting at Beedie, Jasmine entered the Business Mentorship Program as a mentee, where she was exposed to a plethora of new opportunities. Her experience was so positive – demonstrating to her the value of being an engaged student – that she continued her involvement with the program as a mentor and project manager.

One piece of sage advice Jasmine’s mentor imparted upon her was to become involved as a student, which compelled her to apply for the first SFU team to compete at JDC West, the largest student-run business case competition in Western Canada. After a positive experience as Assistant Captain, she was inspired to become team co-captain the following year, where she led the team to be crowned School of the Year.

“JDC West was a way to bring people together and exercise skills in undergrad that you would not experience in the business world until many years down the road,” says Jasmine. “By being involved, I have been able to connect with peers, professors and industry professionals, both locally and across Canada.”

Since graduating, Jasmine has continued her involvement with the SFU JDC West Team as an Academic Team Coach, overseeing a First Place win in 2010 in the Human Resources category. She subsequently joined the JDC West Board of Directors in 2011, and was elected Chair of the Board the following year. As Chair, she oversaw the development of strategies to ensure the competition would be sustainable in future years, and worked to improve it in terms of academic integrity and innovation.

”Because of my previous involvement, I personally know how much hard work and time goes into preparing for cases,” says Jasmine. “The amount of times I had the opportunity to fail in a safe place but still get feedback was so valuable in preparing me for the working world.”

Jasmine’s engagement as a student benefited her in the professional world soon after graduation when she joined KPMG, one of her previous co-op employers. She then became one of the first 500 team members hired by Target Canada for their first international expansion. She was quickly promoted to Senior Campus Recruiter, where she was responsible for developing the strategy for campus recruitment from Victoria to Thunder Bay, and where she created and implemented Target’s first co-op program.

Currently, she is Manager of People & Organization with Sony Pictures Imageworks, an Academy-Award winning visual effects and digital character animation studio that relocated its headquarters to Vancouver in 2014.

Jasmine now shares her professional experience with current Beedie students in the classroom and at events for student organizations such as the Business Administration Student Society (BASS) and Human Resources Student Association (HRSA). She has also spoken at Beedie Protégé, a program designed for first year students who want to become involved in leadership positions within Beedie.

“Engaging with the Beedie community allowed me to access a support network of professionals and professors that you wouldn’t get from the classroom,” says Jasmine. “I want students to have access to the same opportunity to receive feedback and support. It was through experiences like case competition training that I learned so many things that are applicable to real scenarios.”

An exceptional example of an engaged student and alumni, Jasmine was awarded the inaugural Beedie Undergraduate Alumni Impact Award for her involvement within the Beedie community in 2014. She continues to engage with the community, and was elected to the SFU Alumni Association Board of Directors in 2014, where she is also a member of the Events Committee.

“Beedie has a very strong alumni network that are willing to always come back,” she says. “I stay connected because I love seeing old faces and meeting new ones. It’s inspiring to hear about the exciting projects other Beedie grads are up to.”

-Written by the Beedie School of Business

Published in May 2016


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