Irene Jeremic

BSc,  2001

It’s no wonder Irene Jeremic was a recipient of the Business in Vancouver’s Top Forty Under 40 Award. In just under a decade, she has made a name for herself by spearheading businesses and conducting turnarounds that produce stellar results - and it all started with a degree in Computing Science from SFU.

Since graduating from SFU in 2001, Jeremic’s career path has been nothing short of remarkable.

As an executive at SFU’s spin-off company, eLearning Solutions, she unleashed her passion and displayed a knack for eTechnologies, business research and development and global commerce. As the eLearning Solutions’ VP Business and Customer Relations, Irene was responsible for managing of the development of an open source application for the United Nations.

She then went on to pursue her MBA from Athabasca University – a challenging feat as she was working full time as well. Jeremic credits her SFU education for helping her persevere: “The strong knowledge and work ethic that I attained at SFU gave me the skills to succeed in the job market, and also the confidence to complete my MBA.”

In 2005, Jeremic was approached by the local juvenile furniture distributor, Stork Craft, to implement a technology-assisted makeover to revamp the troubled company. As Stork Craft’s CIO and Head of eCommerce, IT and Sales Services, she conducted a massive overhaul of Stork Craft’s business processes and technology, establishing a foundation for the company’s international development. She led e-Commerce growth from 5% to 50% of the corporate business, and went on to integrate the largest North American retail chains such as BabiesRUs, Target, Amazon, Sears, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond and others.

She then moved on to help a flailing subsidiary of Stork Craft’s – Ragazzi and led an award-winning (CIO 100 Honoree) Internet sales innovation for Wal-Mart Canada. Upon the successful company’s renaissance, while being the company’s Corporate Executive Advisor (CEA), she was named the 1st honoree of the Stork Craft Companies. In the history of the 64 year old company, Jeremic was Stork Craft’s youngest executive leader.

Having achieved the highest recognition in the domains of business and technology, Jeremic then went on to pursue her Master of Laws (LL. M) degree from the prestigious Toronto’s Law School, Osgoode Hall, at York University, and then founded Anti Bully Bureau to raise awareness of the issues in professional environments.

Today she is the President and CEO of The Tableau Inc., an Ontario-based firm that aims to be the world leader in business-to-business market intelligence, voice-of-consumer studies and business research. The company is focused on solutions that support corporate social responsibility, safer consumer goods and green initiatives.

The Tableau Inc., an affiliate of the Tindale Foundation, quickly became a member of the CIO Executive Council—the ranks of Fortune 500 enterprises.

Jeremic attributes a great deal of her success to her foundational education at SFU. “My degree in computing science has been an indispensable asset for my professional endeavors. SFU taught me how to harness business technology to its fullest capacity, and it has enabled me to apply these skills to real-world business challenges. That has proven to be an effective combination.”

Despite her intense commitment to her work, Jeremic is committed to giving back to the institutions that ignited her interests. She was simultaneously involved with local non-for profit organizations, serving on the Board of Governors for Association of Neighborhood Houses (ANH) and the Board of Management for the ANH’s Kitsilano branch, introduced the 1st co-op relationship between SFU and Stork Craft to support and develop young talent and is also a mentor to SFU’s Young Women in Business. She has been most recently recognized by the International Women’s Leadership Association as the woman of outstanding leadership.


Science I Technology


Computing Science


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