Lyn  Hancock


MA (Cmns),  1981
BEd,  1977


Lyn Hancock has been a distinguished author, photojournalist, lecturer, photographer and filmmaker for over 40 years, publishing 20 books and thousands of articles in newspapers and magazines around the world. She has hitchhiked from Cape Town to Cairo and from Alaska to Baffin Island, and for 30 years has lived and traveled in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. Several of Lyn’s earlier books have become Canadian classics: There’s a Raccoon in my Parka, There’s a Seal in my Sleeping Bag, An Ape Came Out of My Hatbox, and Love Affair with a Cougar. Her latest book, Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon documents her adventures caring for an orphaned raccoon while working on her master’s degree at SFU. It has been on the bestseller list of children’s books for much of the time since it launched in 2006. Among her other titles are travel guides that introduce readers to the beauty and stories of the Canadian North, school textbooks, and history books that bring to life characters from our nation’s past. Lyn has been recognized with numerous awards. Readers say they appreciate her work because it is well-researched, lively, personal, interesting and makes them feel they “are there.” Ever true to her calling as an educator, Lyn has taught thousands of children about wildlife habits and habitats and has inspired many young authors through her writing workshops. She illustrates her talks with vivid slides from her vast portfolio of photo images. Through her talent, creativity and endless enthusiasm, she has passed along her love for and knowledge of nature to three generations of Canadians, and many have been inspired to become writers, photographers, naturalists, broadcasters, film producers and conservationists themselves.


EducationEnvironment I SustainabilityArts I Culture




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