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The Skirl O'The Pipes

He didn’t want the band to miss a beat. So when Simon Fraser University pipe major Terry Lee came to the “comfortable decision” to retire as leader of SFU’s world-renowned pipe band after 36 years, he looked no further than his inner circle, handing the reins seamlessly to award-winning piper and SFU alumnus Alan Bevan (BA’99).


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  • Mountain High

    Celebrations are in the works for Dr. Thelma Finlayson, SFU professor emerita, an entomologist, and founding member of SFU’s Centre for Pest Management and its graduate program. Upon her retirement, Dr. Finlayson continued to counsel students for 40 years.
  • Book Takes

    For those of us who love SFU, we think of the Burnaby campus as Arthur Erickson’s crowning glory. But there is so much more he gave to us...
  • Who's News

    Fifty years ago this spring Ron Baker and SFU were big news. The “instant university” needed to be up and running in a very short time and Baker was in the thick of things.
  • Alumni Watching

    Jason Harvey Schoonover (BA’70) is awarded the prestigious Explorers’ Club Stefansson Medal for his contribution to exploring.