Photo: John Chong

John Chong (BSKin’88) took portraits of Mark Selman and EMBA grad students at the Segal Graduate School of Business. He is a former student photographer for both SFU Week and the Peak and went on to complete a BFA in photography at Ryerson University. He currently spends his time building websites and doing some occasional editorial photography. <>

Photo: Steve Ray

Diane Luckow wrote our piece on SFU’s groundbreaking EMBA in Aboriginal Business and Leadership. She is an SFU alumna (BA’78) and has been writing about SFU people, issues, and events for the past 20 years, 15 of them as co-editor of SFU News. She also freelances for a variety of organizations and publications. When she’s not sitting in front of her computer, she’s on her knees in the garden.

Photo: Kyrani Kanavaros

Linda Mackie, best known for her portrait work, shot our pipe majors.  She is passionate about working with people who strive to make a positive impact in our community and those who value the art of photography. She loves capturing that special spark within each of us by creating images that reveal the soul, inspire connection, and leave a lasting impression. Mackie shoots regularly for publicity, editorial, advertising, and personal lifestyle clients. <>

Photo: Zoe Raffard

Andy McMillan created the illustration for “Emergency”. He lives in Vancouver and works as a graphic designer and illustrator under the moniker Spindlebox. His illustrative style runs the gamut from painterly-like texture to repeated vector patterns and shapes. When he’s not in front of the computer you will probably find McMillan in the great outdoors, either snowboarding or hiking with his girlfriend and their dog, practising kung fu, or listening to music. <>

Photo: Sam Meadahl

Marianne Meadahl is an assistant director of SFU’s Public Affairs and Media Relations office who spends most of her time at the university’s busy Surrey campus. She wrote both our cover story on the SFU pipe band and our story on emergency communications expert Peter Anderson. She has accompanied the pipe band to Scotland for the World Championships.

Photo: Scott Troyer

Rose Simpson, who writes about Rob Walsh, retired law clerk of the House of Commons, is an Ottawa-based journalist and blogger whose work has appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country, including in the Globe and Mail and the Ottawa Citizen. Simpson is a former communications advisor to the national Liberal caucus and writer in the offices of prime ministers Pierre Trudeau and John Turner.

Roberta Staley profiles Sherri Ferguson, who manages SFU’s hyperbaric chamber. Staley is the editor of the Canadian Chemical News, published by the Chemical Institute of Canada in Ottawa. An award-winning magazine editor and writer, Staley has reported from such places as Afghanistan, Haiti, Colombia, Cambodia, and Soweto, South Africa. Staley teaches magazine writing at Douglas College and is currently enrolled in the Graduate Liberal Studies program at SFU.

Photo: Perry Zavitz

Perry Zavitz had to wait for the ideal combination of blue skies and relative warmth to capture the image of Rob Walsh at the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. It was a tall order in the dead of winter, but seeing as this was for the spring issue of aq, a little patience coupled with a personal request to the weather gods bore fruit. Zavitz loves to shoot people out in the environment, where that “decisive moment” sits in humble expectancy. <>