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Jennifer Gardy - Scientist and TV star

In the 1995 movie Outbreak, actor Dustin Hoffman fights to contain an epidemic of a deadly virus that threatens to decimate the world population. The medical disaster film earned mediocre reviews, but made a big impression on 16-year-old Jennifer Gardy (PhD’06).


volume 14, number 28

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  • Mountain High

    SFU pipe band piper Kevin McLean plays his pipes on the former battlefields of France. McLean is the sole piper invited to play during a week-long tour dubbed Vimy: Leadership Under Fire.
  • Book Takes

    Oh to be young again – and cynical, world-weary, jaded, beyond ennui. Where your greatest worry is whether the pizza will be delivered on time. Michael Hingston’s (CLA’06, BA Hons’08) first novel, The Dilettantes, is set at SFU, specifically at The Peak.
  • Who's News

    Anne Giardini, QC, BA’80, is a novelist, lawyer, president of Weyerhaeuser Company Limited, member of the SFU Board of Governors, and daughter of late novelist Carol Shields.
  • Alumni Watching

    Sergeant Diane Cockle (PhD’13) is the third female RCMP officer to earn a PhD. Her thesis is also the first in the world to comprehensively study the progressions of human decomposition at a crime scene.