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Phi Beta Kappa, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada


Cultural ecology and political ecology (the use of resources and energy to achieve political goals). Publications

Hunting and gathering societies; transegalitarian societies (those between egalitarian societies and stratified chiefdoms); Publications
Aggrandizer strategies, especially feasting and secret societies Publications
Prehistory of religion & early ritual structures Publications
Lithic technology Publications

Northwest Plateau ethnology and archaeology Publications
Southeast Asian ethnography Publications

This research focuses on feasting as a key factor in transegalitarian social dynamics & cultural/technological changes;
 Current Research Projects:
Ethnoarchaeology in Indonesia
Ethnoarchaeology in Polynesia
Archaeology at Keatley Creek

 Ritual sanctuaries:
This research focuses on ritual sanctuaries in transegalitarian societies and their sociopolitical significance.
 Current Research Projects:
Archaeology at Keatley Creek
The use of Upper Paleolithic caves


Ethnoarchaeology among Australian Aborigines & Maya Indians Publications
Prehistoric residential corporate groups among the Huron and at Keatley Creek Publications
Ethnoarchaeological study of resource use in the Lillooet region, BC Publications
Origins of domesticated plants and animals Publications
Interaction analysis Publications
Prehistoric & ethnographic gender roles among hunter/gatherers Publications
Use-wear analysis of stone tools Publications
Design theory analysis of stone tools Publications
Huron village excavation at Pickering, Ontario Publications

Potential Future Research Topics:
Ritual structures at Keatly Creek.
Ethnoarchaeological studies of feasting.
Aggrandizer strategies.
Political Ecology as a new ecological paradigm. (the open-ended use of resources to achieve political (self-interested) goals.)
The political ecology of megaliths.
The use and domestication of cereals (especially in brewing) and animals for feasts.
The emergence of counting systems and tallies for debt records in feasting.
Determining percent fat body weight from bone structures.
Modeling prestige technologies using Design Theory.
Developing social analytical units in archaeology.
Modeling food storage behavior.
Modeling the economics of transegalitarian slavery.

Related Interests:
Music (Sybaritic String Band)