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The site of Namu contains an archaeological record that spans nearly 10,000 years from the earliest times into the historic period.

An overview of the history and prehistory of Namu are presented in this pictoral gallery by the Department of Archaeology at Simon Fraser University, with thanks to Dr. Roy Carlson.

(In the interest of providing reasonably fast downloads, I have tried to keep image sizes to a minimum: most are around 22Kb but a few run to 40Kb. You can follow links found in the text frame, or simply use the icons provided in subsequent frames.)

icon So, where is Namu anyway ...
icon Historic Namu
icon The Excavations
Sectioning the Past ...
... Removing an Archaeological Profile
Interpreting the Past ...
... Reading the Stratigraphic Profiles
icon Selected artifacts from Namu
icon Table of Radiocarbon Dates from Namu
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