The Eastern Woodlands can be found in the southeastern part of Ontario and the southwestern part of Quebec. The Great Lakes, particularly Lake Huron, and the St. Lawrence river are in this region. One tribe that lived in this region, the Huron, used the rivers and lakes as highways to communicate and trade with other tribes.

Do you think that the Huron got their name from the Great Lake or could it be that the Huron were the ones who named the Great Lake?

The Huron were sedentary people, which means they stayed in the same place for long periods of time. They lived in longhouses made from many small trees. These houses were called longhouses because they were much longer than they were wide. The Huron built villages and surrounded them with a big barricade. The only longhouses that we can still see are ones that have been rebuilt and made into a museum.

The picture below is a model longhouse made by Danielle Dempsey in 2001.

The borders of these areas are approximations.
A model of a Huron longhouse that shows different stages of development.


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