Aboriginal Studies are part of the grade four Social Studies curriculum. This website was created with the intention that it could be a useful resource and learning tool in the classroom with respect to the Aboriginal Studies curriculum. The language level and the activities are directed toward the grade four student with the intention that the teacher guide them through the information and supervise the activities.

Learning Outcomes :

A. The student describes how different cultures meet peoples' needs in different ways.

What kinds of needs do people have? This website focuses on shelter, food, and social needs. How does each culture (Haida, Huron, Inuit) meet these needs?

B. The student is aware of and appreciates different aboriginal cultures in Canada.

How are these different? Use a longhouse, an igloo, and a Haida house to demonstrate this. What are the differences in the houses that they lived in?

C. The student understands the relationship between Aboriginal people and the land and resources.

How does each culture relate to the land and resources? How does their environment affect how they live, the houses they build, the food they eat, the activities they carry out?

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