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        Ceramics or pottery is a universal medium that has been utilized throughout the world. The development of pottery in central and South America was completely independent from that in the rest of the world.

Cultural Areas

        The basic regional divisions which are included are Mesoamerica, the Central Andean, and the Intermediate Area. The Mesoamerican Area includes the present day countries of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The Central Andean Area includes Peru and Bolivia. The Intermediate Area includes lower Central America and the northern South American countries of Venezuela, Columbia, and Ecuador.

Pottery Types

        Pottery was first developed in present day Columbia or Ecuador but is found throughout the entire pre-Columbian world. Pottery is one of the most common artifacts to survive the ravages of time. Three main categories of pottery found throughout this zone are vessels, and bowls. These items can range from the simple to the very complicated in design, as well as a variety of manufacture techniques. The uses of these ceramic pieces can range from ritualistic too domestic uses.