Report on 1998 Field Work Activities
Sigatoka Dunes National Park
Viti Levu, Fiji

David V. Burley Ph.D.
Robert Shortland
February 1999

Table of Contents
  1. Project Synopsis
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Introduction
  4. Dune Field Survey
         i. Archaeological Features and Pottery Scatters
         ii. Burial Area Examinations
         iii. Survey Conclusions
  5. Naqarai Bay Survey and Test Excavation of VL 16/22
         i. VL 16/22 Excavation and Profile Exposures
         ii. Excavation Methodology and Stratigraphy
         iii. Ceramic Recovery and Interpretations
         iv. VL 16/22 Auger Testing Project
         v. Naqarai Bay Beach Survey and Mapping Project
         vi. Naqarai Project Summary
  6. Excavation VL 16/22, Level One
         i. Level One Context and Location
         ii. Excavation Objects and Methodology
         iii. Level One Stratigraphy
         iv. Ceramic Distributions and Hearth Feature
         vi. Level One Pottery Vessels
         vii. Level One Radiocarbon Dates
         viii. Interpretations
  7. Conclusions
  8. Refrences Cited
  9. Appendix A
    Level 1 - Type 1 Jars

  10. Appendix B
    Level 1 - Type 2 Jars

  11. Appendix C
    Level 1 - Miscellaneous Vessels/ Pot Stands
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