Biké Yazıcıoğlu-Santamaria

Adjunct Professor

Areas of interest

early complex societies; human mobility; Sr isotope ratio analysis; Anatolian and Mesopotamian archaeology; archaeology and politics; cultural heritage management


  • BA hon. (U. Istanbul, 2001, Protohistory and Near Eastern Archaeology)
  • MA (U. Chicago, 2005, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)
  • PhD hon. (U. Chicago, 2015, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)


My research focuses on human mobility, social transformations, and cultural integration in the Bronze Age of Anatolia (Turkey). I have utilised Sr isotope analysis to identify immigration and community integration patterns at the 2nd millennium BC cosmopolitan trade center of Kültepe-Kanesh in central Turkey and I am working on other sample sets from contemporary sites to expand on this dataset.

Since 2016, I have been coordinating the Archaeological Isotopes Working Group workshops at ASOR Annual Meetings, out of which a new project recently emerged: BioIsoANE – A Repository of Bioarchaeological Isotopic Analysis in the Greater Ancient Near East is an open-access, integrated database of all published isotopic analyses of bioarchaeological materials from the Balkans to the Caucasus in the north to the Sudan and Oman in the south.

I am the Associate Director of Kerkenes Excavations Project at the Iron Age mountaintop city of Pteria on Kerkenes Dag in central Turkey and I work as an editor and translator of bilingual (Turkish/English) academic publications on the archaeology and ancient history of Turkey.

For more information on my research please visit my current research page


2020 – BioIsoANE – A Repository of Bioarchaeological Isotopic Analysis in the Greater Ancient Near East [An open-access, integrated database of isotopic analysis of bioarchaeological materials from the Balkans to the Caucasus; Co-founder: Dr. Benjamin Irvine, Koç University; Advisory Board: Dr. Michael Richards and Dr. Lynn Welton; funded by BIAA – British Institute at Ankara]

2018 – Bioarchaeological Investigations at Kaman-Kalehöyük, Turkey [Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology Excavations; Director: Dr. Sachihiro Omura; Research collaboration with Dr. Kimiyoshi Matsumura, Dr. Cheryl Anderson, Dr. Michael Richards, and Dr. Suzanne Pilaar-Birch]

2016 – Archaeological Isotopes Working Group at ASOR, Co-founder and Coordinator

2021 – SARAT – Safeguarding and Rescuing Archaeological Assets of Turkey, Project assistant [Project Director: Dr. Gül Pulhan, Koç University and BIAA – British Institute at Ankara]

2019 – Kerkenes Excavations Project, Associate Director and Field supervisor [Excavation Director: Scott Branting, Central Florida University]

2018 – Yapı Kredi Nedim Tör Museum, Translator of exhibit panels, catalogues, and publications [Museum Director: Nihat Tekdemir]

2016 – Anatolian Civilizations Series, Translator [Edited monographs published bilingually by Yapı Kredi Culture, Art and Publishing, Istanbul; Project coordinator: Nihat Tekdemir]


Co-Edited Book

2012      Charles Hartley, G. Bike Yazıcıoğlu, Adam T. Smith (editors). Archaeology of Power and Politics in Eurasia: Regimes and Revolutions. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Book Chapters

2017      Locals, immigrants, and marriage ties at Kültepe: results of strontium isotope analysis on human teeth from lower town graves. In Fikri Kulakoğlu, Gojko Barjamovic (eds), Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference held at Kültepe: Movement, Resources, Interaction, 63-84. SUBARTU 39, Turnhout, Brepols.

2014       Handan Üstündağ, G. Bike Yazıcıoğlu. A history of bioarchaeological research in Turkey. In Maria C. Lozada, Barra O’Donnabhain (eds), Archaeological Human Remains: Global Perspectives, 199-212. New York, Springer.

2010      K. Aslıhan Yener, G. Bike Yazıcıoğlu. Excavation results. In K. Aslıhan Yener (ed.), Tell Atchana, Ancient Alalakh Volume 1: The 2003–2004 Excavation Seasons, 11-49. Istanbul, Ege Yayınları & Koç University Press.

2007       Archaeological politics of Anatolia: imaginative identity of an imaginative geography. In Laura Popova, Charles Hartley, Adam T. Smith (eds), Social Orders and Social Landscapes, 218-250. Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Press.

Peer-Reviewed Article

2020       P. Ertepinar, M.L. Hammond, M.J. Hill, A.J. Biggin, C.G. Langereis, A.I.R. Herries, K.A. Yener, M. Akar, M.H. Gates, T. Harrison, A.M. Greaves, D. Frankel, J.M. Webb, İ. Özgen, G.B. Yazicioglu. Extreme geomagnetic field variability indicated by Eastern Mediterranean full-vector archaeomagnetic records. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 531: 115979.