Emily Mierswa

MA Student, George Nicholas

Areas of interest

Cultural Heritage, Ethics, Community Archaeology, Historic Archaeology


  • BA: Anthropology, University of New Hampshire


I completed my BA in Anthropology at the University of New Hampshire in 2017. I have spent the past two years working as the Archaeology Lab Manager there. In addition I have completed two field seasons working as a field assistant for the Great Bay Archaeological Survey doing community archaeology in Durhan, NH.

MA Research

Currently titled “Evaluating Non-invasive and Minimally Invasive Techniques in Archaeology: Considering Scientific Efficacy, Ethics, and Community Values”. There is a growing conversation around minimally invasive and non-invasive practices in archaeology. These relate, in part, to new techniques (such as the use of GPR and LIDAR) that allow for data recovery without digging. But use of these methods may also be prompted by descendant communities and special interest groups who do not want heritage places or objects to be unduly disturbed. Examples of such places include cemeteries and burial grounds (both Indigenous and other), battlefields, and historic places; examples of objects include human remains, ancient papyri, and religious items. To date, there has been no evaluation of the benefits and costs (i.e., what is gained vs. what is lost) in terms of practical and successful applications of non-invasive methods. Does addressing ethical concerns diminish what can be learned scientifically?