Mana Dembo

Research Personnel; Mark Collard

Areas of interest

Palaeoanthropology, hominin evolution, phylogenetic analysis, Bayesian inference, functional and comparative anatomy, evolutionary theory.


  • BSc (Hons.) (University of Toronto)
  • MA (University of British Columbia)
  • PhD (Simon Fraser University)

PhD Research

“Exploring morphological phylogenetics of fossil hominins.” 

MA Research

“Does Allen’s Rule rule? A reanalysis of ecogeographic variation in modern human limb proportions.”



Dembo, M, Radovcic, D, Garvin, HM, Laird, MF, Schroeder, L, Scott, JE, Brophy, J, Ackermann, RR, Musiba, CM, de Ruiter, DJ, Mooers, A.Ø. and Collard M. The evolutionary relationships and age of Homo naledi: An assessment using dated Bayesian phylogenetic methods. Journal of Human Evolution 97:17-26.


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Dembo, M, Matzke, N.J, Mooers, A.Ø. and Collard M. Bayesian analysis of a morphological supermatrix sheds light on controversial fossil hominin relationships. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282: 20150943.


Collard, M and Dembo M. 2013. Modern Human Origins. In DR. Begun (ed), Companion to Paleoanthropology  Chichster, West Sussex: Blackwell Publishing Ltd. pp.557-581.