Archaeology Press Catalogue


New and Recent Releases

  Title Author Year Description Price
Toolstone Geography of the Pacific Northwest Edited by Terry L. Ozbun and Ron L. Adams 2015 242 pages, photos, figures
The Zhokhov Island Site and Ancient Habitation in the Arctic Pitul'ko, V. V. 2013 202 pages, photos, figures $35.00
Huu7ii: Household Archaeology at a Nuu-chah-nulth Village Site in Barkley Sound McMillan, A.D. and St. Claire, D.E. 2012 209 pages, photos, figures
Archaeology, the Paleolithic of Northeast Asia, a Non-Tropical Origin for Humanity, and the Earliest Stages of the Settlement of America Mochanov, Y.A., & Fedoseeva, S.A. 2008 Publication No. 36   89 pages, photos, figures $35.00
Projectile Point Sequences in Northwestern North America Carlson, R. L., & Magne, M.P.R. (Eds.) 2008 Publication No. 35 294 pages, photos, figures $50.00
Origin and Spread of Microblade Technology in Northern Asia and North America Kuzmin, Y.V., Keates, S.G., & Shen, C. (Eds.) 2007 Publication No. 34
222 pages, photos, figures.

Northwest Coast and Arctic

  Title Author Year Description Price
Ts'ishaa: Archaeology and Ethnography of a
Nuu-Chah-Nulth Origin Site in Barkley Sound
McMillan, A., and D.E. St. Claire 2005 Publication No 31
223 Pages Table, figures.

Archaeology of Coastal British Columbia: Essays in Honour of Professor Philip M. Hobler Carlson, Roy L. (ed.) 2003 Publication No. 30
299 pages, figures.
$65.00 HC    $35.00 SC
Prehistoric Mortuary Variability on Gabriola Island, British Columbia Curtin, A.J.  2002 Publication No. 29
157 pages, figures. 
At A Crossroads: Archaeology and First Peoples in Canada    (Out of print. Unavailable)
Nicholas, G.P., and T.D. Andrews (eds.) 1997 Publication No. 24
319 pages, 50 illustrations.
The Economic Prehistory of Namu Cannon, A.  1991 Publication No. 19 107 pages, appendices incl. Namu 14C dates.  $14.00 
Putu: A Fluted Point Site in Alaska Alexander, H.L. 1987 Publication No. 17
127 pages
Indian Art Traditions of the Northwest Coast Carlson, Roy L. (ed.)  1983 Publication No. 13
214 pages, figures. 
Papers on Central Coast Archaeology Hobler, P.M. (ed.)  1982 Publication No. 10 
110 pages, 72 figures. 
Marpole: Anthropological Reconstructions of a Prehistoric Northwest Coast Culture Type Burley, D.V.  1980 Publication No. 8
82 pages, 14 figures. 
The Belcarra Park Site Charlton, A.S.  1980 Publication No. 9 
78 pages, 54 figures. 
Bella Bella Prehistory Hester, J., and S. Nelson (eds.)  1978 Publication No. 5 
141 pages, illustrations. 
Current Research Reports: 14 Detailed Reports on Current Archaeological Research Carlson, Roy L. (ed.)  1976 Publication No. 3 
184 pages, figures. 


Canadian Plateau/Central British Columbia

  Title Author Year Description Price
Glass and Ice: A Report on the Archaeology of the Mt. Edziza and Spectrum Ranges, Northwest British Columbia Fladmark, K.R. 1985 Publication No. 14 
217 pages, many figures. 
Tahltan Ethnoarchaeology Albright, S. 1984 Publication No. 15
47 pages, many figures.
The Pithouses of Keatley Creek Hayden, B. 2005 Publication No 33,
126 pages, photos, figures.
Collapse of the Classic Lillooet Culture DVD
  2005/1993 DVD documentary video 22/44 mins OUT OF PRINT
The Ancient Past of Keatley Creek. Volume III: Excavations and Artifacts Hayden, B. (ed.) 2003 Publication No. 28
CD ROM, many figures.
The Ancient Past of Keatley Creek. Volume II: Socioeconomy Hayden, B. (ed.) 2000 Publication No. 27
313 pages, many figures.
The Ancient Past of Keatley Creek. Volume I: Taphonomy Hayden, B. (ed.) 2000 Publication No. 26
342 pages, many figures.
The Prehistoric Use of Nephrite on the Canadian Plateau Darwent, J. 1997 Publication No. 25
123 pages, figures.
Mortuary Variability and Status Differentiation on the Columbia-Fraser Plateau Shulting, R.J. 1995 Publication No. 21
224 pages. many graphs, figures, charts, appendices.
Integrated Lithic Analysis: The Significance and Function of Key-Shaped Formed Unifaces on the Interior Plateau of North Rousseau, M. 1992 Publication No. 20
230 pages.
Late Prehistoric Cultural Horizons on the Canadian Plateau Richards, T., and M. Rousseau 1987 Publication No. 16
102 pages, many figures.
The Archaeology of Kamloops Wilson, R.L., and C. Carlson 1980 Publication No. 7
126 pages, 78 figures.


Method and Analysis

  Title Author Year Description Price
Osteometry of Makah and Coast Salish Dogs Crockford, S.J. 1997 Publication No 22
113 pages, figures.
Marine Fish Osteology: A Guide for Archaeologists Cannon, D.Y. 1987 Publication No. 18
133 pages, illustrations.
Found! Human Remains. A Field Manual for the Recovery of the Recent Human Skeleton Skinner, M., and Lazenby, R. 1983 Publication No. 12
192 pages, figures.


Also Sold Through Archaeology Press

  Title Author Year Description Price
Prophecy of the Swan—The Upper Peace River Fur Trade of 1794–1823
Burley, D.V., J.S. Hamilton, and K.R. Fladmark 1996 UBC Press
234 pages.
Alberni Prehistory: Archaeological and Ethnographic Investigations on Western Vancouver Island McMillan, A.D., and D.E. St. Claire 1982 Theytus Books
219 pages