Conservation Students Help Chase Museum

February 14, 2012

During reading break, students from Barbara Winter's Archaeological Conservation class will be driving up to Chase, a small town near Kamloops, where the Chase Museum and Archives suffered two devastating fires. The first fire was caused by arson and was put out in time. Many of the collections suffered water damage, so large fans were brought in to speed dry the artifacts. Unfortunately, this caused an electrical fire, which gutted the building and destroyed many of their collections and archives. The Students are travelling to Chase to help restore and clean the remaining collections and get some hands on experience in the field.

The students are also calling for donations to help their cause. Contributions will go towards helping to pay for brushes, sponges, masks, etc. Donation money left over from the trip, and any funds collected afterwards will go towards helping the Chase Museum rebuild. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!



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