Monday, August 27th 2018    (Blusson Hall, Lecture Hall 9660 - Burnaby Campus – Simon Fraser University)


8.30 am    Registration

9.00 am    Dongya Yang (Simon Fraser University)    “Welcome from the Faculty of Environment’s Associate Dean”

9.15 am    Mike Richards (Simon Fraser University) - Keynote Address

Recent Trends in Archaeological Science”

10.00 am        Coffee Break

10.30 am        Kate Britton (University of Aberdeen) - Invited Presentation

“Where is this going? Taking 'a stable relationship' to the next level”

11.00 am        Christina Cheung (Simon Fraser University)

“In search of early migrants in the South Pacific: Identifying residential mobility in Sigatoka, Fiji, using strontium isotope analysis”

11.30 am        Joe Hepburn (Simon Fraser University)

“A Multi-Isotope, Multi-Proxy Isoscape of Southern British Columbia”

12.00 pm        Lunch Break

1.30 pm        Gideon Hartman (University of Connecticut)

“Post-charring diagenetic alteration of archaeological lentils by bacterial degradation”

2.00 pm        Hannah Herrick (University of Arizona)

“Applying 87Sr/86Sr Analysis to Anthropogenic Charcoal: In Theory and Practice”

2.30 pm        Tea Break

3.00 pm        Camilla Speller (University of York) - Invited Presentation

“Small molecules - Big questions: How advances in DNA are transforming Archaeological Science”

3.30 pm        Elena Zavala (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)

“Preservation of Ancient DNA in Pleistocene Sediments” 

4.00 pm        Poster Session Opening
+ Raman Spectroscopy Demonstration by Mohammed Ibrahim (Thermo Fisher Scientific)


Tuesday, August 28th 2018    (Blusson Hall, Lecture Hall 9660 - Burnaby Campus – Simon Fraser University)


9.00 am        Michael Buckley (University of Manchester) - Invited Presentation

 “Advances in the use of proteomics in archaeological science”

9.30 am        Matt Sponheimer (University of Colorado)

“Saving Old Bones: a non-destructive method to determine bone suitability for radiocarbon dating and proteomic analyses”

10.00 am        Katherine Bishop (University of Alberta)

“Sheep, Teeth, and Isotopes: An investigation of animal management practices during the Classical and Hellenistic periods in Thessaly, Greece”

10.30 am        Coffee Break

11.00 am        Brandi McDonald (University of Missouri) - Invited Presentation

“Microbes and Microanalysis: Advances in Pacific Northwest Rock Art Research”

11.30 am        Filipe Natalio (Weizmann Institute of Science) - Invited Presentation

“The hidden secrets of flint”

12.00 pm        Jose Peña (University of South Florida)

“Using Ceramic Paste Analysis and Compositional Analysis in the Study of Household Pottery Production” 

12.30 pm        Lunch Break

1.30 pm        Shannon Croft (University of York)

Lithic Residue Analysis at Star Carr”

2.00 pm        Mohammed Ibrahim and Erik S. Haddadine (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Raman Spectroscopy Demonstration”


                               (Segal Graduate Building, 500 Granville Street– Downtown Campus – Simon Fraser University)

5.30 pm        Workshop's Reception (open to the Public)

6.30 pm        Rudy Reimer/Yumks (Simon Fraser University) - Public Talk

“A New Form of Indigenous Archaeology: The Wild Archaeology TV Series Experience”


Wednesday, August 29th 2018    (Blusson Hall 9660, Lecture Hall 9660 - Burnaby Campus – Simon Fraser University)


9.00 am        Zenobia Jacobs (University of Wollongong) - Invited Presentation

“Optical dating in archaeology: current progress and future prospects”-.

9.30 am        Nathan Jankowski (University of Wollongong)

“Novel approaches to providing sedimentary context to OSL dating samples”

10.00 am        Coffee Break

10.30 am        Michael Toffolo (Université Bordeaux Montaigne):

“Anthropogenic carbonates: a new material for radiocarbon dating in archaeology”

11.00 am        Chris Carleton (Simon Fraser University)

“Chronological uncertainty severely complicates the identification of cyclical processes in radiocarbon-dated time-series”

11.30 am        Robert Gustas (University of Victoria)

“How Much Food on a Beach: Modelling Shellfish Densities in British Columbia”

12.00 pm        Rob Rondeau (Simon Fraser University)

Beyond Beringia:  The Search for New Archaeological Sites Underwater”

12.30 pm        Lunch Break

2.00 pm        Carla Lancelotti (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) - Invited Presentation

“Phytolith analysis: a tool to understand past land use in drylands”.

2.30 pm        Emily Purcell (Simon Fraser University)

“Island Built Environments: Characterizing Anthropogenic Phytolith Assemblages”

3.00 pm        Tea Break

3.30 pm        John Welch (Simon Fraser University)

“Archaeological Science in Service to Preservation Ethics:  Forensic Sedimentology and the Prevention, Investigation, and Prosecution of Cultural Heritage Crime”

4.00 pm        Christina Giovas (Simon Fraser University), Catherine D'Andrea (Simon Fraser University)

Discussant Notes

4.30 pm        Francesco Berna (Simon Fraser University)

Concluding Remarks


Poster Presentations    (9000 Level Atrium - Blusson Hall -Burnaby Campus – Simon Fraser University)


Francesco Berna (Simon Fraser University)

          “Advancements in Fourier transform infrared micro-spectroscopy (mFTIR) mapping of archaeological materials”

Emma Betz (University of Oxford)

         “Broad Temperature Changes on the Western Cape Coast in the Late Holocene using Cymbula granatina”

Nicolas Bourgon (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)

         “Zinc isotopes in fossil teeth and their use as dietary tracer: evidences from a multi-isotopes study”

Rebecca Gerdes (Cornell University)

          “Organic residue analysis and compound-specific 14C dating of ceramics and plaster floors at two Cypriot Late Bronze Age urban centers”

Eric Guiry (University of British Columbia) et al.

         “Which fish? A simple method for differentiating kokanee and sockeye salmon”

Emma Lowther (Simon Fraser University)

          “Sediment Analysis from Landscape Modification for Capturing Salmon at Babine Lake, British Columbia”

Deborah Merrett (Simon Fraser University)

          “Population health:  assessing of dental microstructure age and ages from bone growth and development: An Early Neolithic - Chalcolithic comparison from the Zagros Mountains”

Thomas Royle (Simon Fraser University)

          “DNA-Based Sex Identification of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Remains from the Middle Iroquoian (ca. AD 1250-1300) Antrex Site, Ontario, Canada”

Alessandria Testani, Jon Driver (Simon Fraser University)

         “Human Ecology through Zooarchaeology at Tse’K’wa (Charlie Lake Cave), British Columbia”