Dr. David V. Burley - Recent Publications

D.V. Burley and K. Edinborough
Discontinuity in the Fijian archaeological record supported by a Bayesian radiocarbon model.  Radiocarbon 56(1): 295-303
Speller, C., D.V. Burley, R. Woodward and D. Yang
Ancient mtDNA analysis of early 16th century Caribbean cattle provides insight into founding populations of New Word creole cattle breeds.  PLoS ONE 8(7): e69584.
Ross-Sheppard, C., C. Sand, J. Balenaivalu and D.V. Burley
Kutau/Bao obsidian - extending its eastern distribution in the Fijian northeast.  Journal of Pacific Archaeology 4(2): 79-83
D.V. Burley
Fijian polygenesis and the Melanesian/Polynesian divide. Current Anthropology 35(4): 436-462
D.V. Burley and J. Balenaivalu
Kadavu archaeology: First insights from a preliminary survey.  Domodomo 25(1&2): 13-36
D.V. Burley, M. Weisler and X-J Zhao
High Precision U/Th Dating of First Polynesian Settlement.  PLoS ONE 7(11): e48769.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0048769
2012 D.V. Burley
Exploration as a strategic process in the Lapita settlement of Fiji:  The implications of Vorovoro Island, Journal of Pacific Archaeology 3(1): 22-34.
2011 D.V. Burley, P. Sheppard, and M. Simonin
Tongan and Samoan volcanic glass: pXRF analysis and implications for constructs of ancestral Polynesian society. Journal of Archaeological Science 38: 2625-2632.
2011 D.V. Burley, K. Taché, M. Purser and J. Naucabalavu
An archaeology of salt production in Fiji. Antiquity 85:187–200.
2010 D.V. Burley, and J. Connaughton
Completing the story: A late dentate stamped Lapita pot from Sigatoka, Fiji.  Archaeology in Oceania 45: 130-132
2010 D.V. Burley, A. Barton, W. R. Dickinson, S. P. Connaughton and K. Taché
Nukuleka as a founder colony for west Polynesian settlement: New insights from recent excavations. Journal of Pacific Archaeology 1(2): 128-144.
2010 D.V. Burley, and W. R. Dickinson
Among Polynesia’s first pots.  Journal of Archaeological Science 37: 1020-1026.
2010 Connaughton, S., K. Taché and D. V. Burley
Taupita: A 3000 year old shell game in the Kingdom of Tonga. Journal of Social Archaeology 10(1): 118-137.