Dr. Robert J. Muir

BA (Simon Fraser University); MA (Trent University); PhD (Simon Fraser University)
Tel: 778.782.6773 • Fax: 778.782.5666 • Email: bmuir@sfu.ca

General Research Interests

North American archaeology, zooarchaeology, cultural resource management, hunting, ritual, subsistence economics and social organization. Regional areas of interest include Southwestern U.S., British Columbia, and Eastern Woodlands.

Courses Taught

Arch 471-5: Archaeological Theory
Arch 433-3: Background to Field Work
Arch 434-3: Archaeological Field Methods
Arch 435-6: Field Work Practicum
Arch 386-3: Archaeological Resource Management
Arch 378-3: Pacific Northwest North America
Arch 376-5: Quantitative Methods
Arch 372-5: Material Culture Analysis
Arch 340-5: Zooarchaeology
Arch 333-3: Computers in Archaeology
Arch 321-3: British Columbia Prehistory
Arch 201-3: Introduction to Archaeology
Arch 100-3: Ancient Peoples and Places

Recent Publications