Dr. Eldon Yellowhorn

BA, BSc (University of Calgary); MA (Simon Fraser University); PhD (McGill University)
Tel: 778.782.6669 • Fax: 778.782.5666 • Email: ecy@sfu.ca

General Research Interests

My research interests in archaeology include palaeoIndian research, communal hunting and northern plains archaeology and archaeoastronomy. I am also interested in the interactions occurring between Indians and archaeology, and the emerging field of indigenous archaeology. My research in Native Studies has focused on examining the experience of aboriginal people in the modern world and their struggle to promote cultural diversity in a homogeneous society.

Current Research

I am presently working toward defining the tenets and objectives of indigenous archaeology and examining its contributions to archaeological theory. I have a strong interest in traditional knowledge and I look for its meaning and signifigance to better understand the archaeological record. I contend that traditional knowledge has much to offer archaeology as a method for identifying archaeological sites and for interpreting sites that lack artifacts. I see traditional knowledge as a system of knowing about the environment and I investigate it within the context of ethnoscience.

Selected Publications