1997-1999 Archaeology Field Schools at the Scowlitz Site

This field school is run with the assistance of the Sto:lo Nation and the Scowlitz band in the central Fraser Valley. Previous work at the site has been done by the Sto:lo Nation, the Scowlitz band and the University of British Columbia Department of Anthropology, Laboratory of Archaeology.

We are excavating a small portion of a village site, exposing ancient houses. By examining the distribution of artifacts and other remains on the floors of these houses, we may be able to make inferences about the changing patterns of social organization during the 2500+ year period in which the site was occupied.

Another part of the project involves mapping the site and its surroundings. We hope to address questions of land and resource use by looking for traces of activities in areas which were not directly part of the village. Here are some pictures from the first weeks of the 1997 excavation.

Dana Lepofsky

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