2001 SFU Field School at the Saalloomt Site

The field school in 2001, taught by Prof. Phil Hobler, consisted of four weeks of full-time, on-campus classes and exercises. Field work then took place in June and July in the Bella Coola Valley. The project operated from a tent camp close to the excavation. Work concentrated upon the excavation of an early (6,000–9,000 BP) archaeological site. Cultural resource management techniques were also emphasized and students got to participate in forestry cut-block surveys, or a traditional use study. In addition to academic credits, students received RIC certification provided through a government programme. Professor Hobler was assisted by graduate student, Mike Will. Lisa Seip supervised five Bella Coola Environmental Youth Team participants who, along with the 16 SFU students, brought the excavation team total to 24.

The SFU field school has long operated on the principle that field methods should be taught in association with a research project, with serious goals. It has also emphasize the diversification of site, laboratory, and field camp experience.

Philip Hobler