The Department of Archaeology at Simon Fraser University does not guarantee funding to all incoming graduate students. Although an offer letter may only guarantee funding for the first year, students are always welcome to apply for other awards, bursaries, teaching positions, and scholarships. On average, our students receive $14,000 in funding every year. The department places no limits on the amount of scholarship funding that a student may receive provided that the total does not surpass the SFU limit of $60,000 of scholarship support per academic year.

Funding can be made up of scholarships, bursaries, awards, fellowships, TA/TM-ships, or RAships.

We recommend that all eligible students apply for TriCouncil, Vanier, and Trudeau scholarships.

Workstudy and Bursaries

All graduate students can apply for Workstudy and Bursaries at SFU. Please see the dates and application instructions on the Financial Aid and Awards website.

The full list of awards is available on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

Funding for Continuing Students

  • Travel and Minor Research Awards (ARCH)
    • Award Value: approximately $50 to $3,000
    • Applications due Summer for Fall payment, and Fall for Spring payment
  • Graduate Fellowships (ARCH)
    • Award Value: $7,000 (or $3,500)
    • Competition available Spring (generally March/April) for Fall payment.

Other awards due about June 1 for Fall payment (HRM Eligible)

  • Archaeology Private Awards
    • Alexia Sepideh Kiaii Archaeology Graduate Scholarship ($1,600)
    • Dr. J.V. Christensen Graduate Scholarship ($6,000)
    • Dr. Jack Nance Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Archaeology ($4,000)
    • Roy L. Carlson Graduate Scholarship ($5,000)
  • FEnv Private Awards
    • Canadian Pacific/Teck Resources Award for Environmental Innovation ($5,000)
    • Coastal Zone Canada (BC) Association Graduate Scholarship in Coastal Studies ($1,200)
    • Matthew Knott Memorial Graduate Award in Diving Safety ($1,500)
    • Patricia Gallaugher Award in Coastal Science Management ($1,600)
    • Simons Foundation Graduate Award in the Faculty of Environment ($5,000)
    • Wayne Goeson Memorial Award ($1,100)

    This list is not exhaustive, and changes every year. Please search GA3 for more awards you may be eligible for.