Teaching Assistantships

Income from Teaching Assistant (TA) positions makes up a portion of the archaeology graduate student annual stipends. All SFU archaeology graduate students will be notified each term when Teaching Assistant (TA) positions are posted. Students should consult with their senior supervisors prior to applying for TA positions for advice regarding their TA workload in relation to their courses and research.

TAs are assigned Base Units (BU). A base unit represents a maximum of 42 hours of work per term. TA loads can be 3 or 5 base units.

Applying for Teaching Assistant Positions

Incoming students will need to apply for TAships before they arrive for their first class. If you have been guaranteed a TAship as part of your funding package, please apply so we know which course you are interested in TA-ing, and which semester works with their schedule.

Students admitted in the Fall term can expect to receive this notification in June.

We recommend that all students consult with their senior supervisors about workload before submitting Teaching Assistant applications.

Students who will not be funded by their supervisors through Research Assistantships should apply for TA positions.

Approximately 10 weeks before the beginning of the semester, the Archaeology department will post Teaching Assistant positions on the central HR posting page, and the Archaeology Postings page. The Graduate Program Assistant will send an email to your SFU email account notifying you that the postings are up.

Pay close attention to the "Closing Date" on the positions. This is the deadline for applications.